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About the Hall

Kingfisher Community Hall and grounds are set aside for the use of all community members. Everyone shares the responsibility to keep the facility and surrounding area clean. Annual events and all other community events take precedence over private use bookings; annual KCS events are scheduled at the beginning of each year if possible. Use by members is free with a current membership going back at least one year; however member use for larger special events (weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) requires a rental booking.

Hall Rental

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fees for Hall Rental are as follows:
    • Non-members: $350 per day
    • Members: $250 per day, with membership in good standing one year prior to date. Damage deposit of $300 is required to secure all rental dates.
    • Sound equipment rental is an additional $100; includes mandatory tutorial before use.
  • Hall Capacity: 120
  • Hall and kitchen equipment are included in rental. See KCS Hall & Equipment for Hall Rentals for complete list.

Gramma’s Playground

In 2016 a project headed up by one of the Kingfisher’s “Grammas” resulted in the addition of beautiful new playground between Kingfisher Hall and Old Kingfisher School. This community playground happened thanks to many volunteers and diverse community groups such as the older generation Pickle Ballers and the up and coming generation Hockey/Badminton group. As well, community members donated time and machinery for site preparation. Many others raked, and still others took the extra effort needed to get the Kingfisher Community Hall grounds back into tip-top shape. In the opening celebration, the playground was dedicated to all the grandchildren and grandparents. Thanks go to RDNO for assisting with substantial funding.

“Gramma’s Playground” opening (July 2016). Left to Right: RDNO Area F Representative Herman Halvorson, Gramma Jacky Clark and Granddaughter Michelle