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During the early days of Hupel and Kingfisher communities, a little log school house was not only a place of learning, but also a place for meetings, church services, dances, concerts and many other social events. However, an incident in the log schoolhouse during a Bazaar involving a “Gypsy” fortune teller, a costume touched off by a candle, and a panicked crowd rushing to the doors sparked the resolve of residents to build an adequate recreational building.

With everyone in the valley lending a hand, construction began in the fall of 1949 on an acre of land donated by Wilfred Simard. Logs cut from Crown Land near Noreen Lake were sawn free of charge by Acutt & Tipton’s Kingfisher Sawmills. Gravel for footings was hauled in, sand for cement was carried from the nearby river in wheelbarrows, flooring, other materials and labour were all donated. To help pay for the necessary materials, loans in the form of debentures were sold at $5.00 each, to be paid back in the year 2000! The partly finished Hall hosted its first event, a wedding on April 29, 1950.

Over the years, community effort has resulted in several additions and renovations. The Hall has continued to be a very busy place with something going on almost every day. What a good thing we had those dedicated people who (now more than sixty-five years ago) decided to build a hall for the Community!

‘The Kingfisher Community Hall 1949-1987’
Isobel Simard


KCS memberships are an important means of yearly fundraising. Money is used to keep up/improve the Hall, Old School and grounds for community use and enjoyment. Also, fees help fund the many activities taking place and the excellent monthly newsletter for current director’s snail mail address. Cheques through the mail work the best. Rates: $30/family, $20/single.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

As a KCS member you are entitled to the KCS newsletters by email, free Community Ads in the newsletter, and reduced Hall rental rates for larger private events such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary or public functions.


The Kingfisher Community Society Youth Citizenship Scholarship is awarded annually to a local graduate. Successful candidate(s) will have strong community involvement. Application deadline is May 5. Application is open to residents of Kingfisher (Halfway Hill to Mabel Lake) graduating from grade 12 (enrolled in any school) planning on furthering their education (not limited to university or college; there are many forms of education). The recipient(s) has 24 months within which to use the scholarship. Proof of enrollment in any post secondary educational institution or course is required.

Click here for Kingfisher Youth Scholarship application form. Applications also available from A.L. Fortune School and/or Scholarship Committee members.