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Specific dates and times for events can be found in the corresponding newsletter or on our Facebook page.

Meet Mabel the Marmot Celebration

Saturday March 9th, 2024
4:00pm.   Kingfisher Hall

Join us at the Kingfisher Hall to meet Mabel the Marmot and guess the time of her shadow! This is a family potluck dinner event with music to follow.
50/50 Draw – bring toonies!
Games for the Kids!

2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Saturday March 23rd, 2024
1:00pm.   Kingfisher Hall

Audited financial statements for the previous year are presented. This is the night when members have the opportunity to submit agenda items and participate in discussions that need member approval. Our representative for the Regional District of the North Okanagan (NORD) attends, gives updates and learns about our Community Society’s plans. Election of KCS Directors is held and new auditors are appointed.

Hall Clean-Up & Potluck Lunch

When the end of winter rolls around, volunteers arrive at the Hall one Saturday morning ready to dive into the annual Hall Clean up. Inside and out, and all around the grounds, the Hall is carefully tended in preparation for another year of activities. There’s lots of visiting and laughter as the spider webs and clutter disappear. By the time the Potluck lunch is on the table, the Hall with its beautiful surrounding yards stands proud and ready for action.


Tuesday Afternoon Social Scene

Each Tuesday at 1:00 during the colder months, a very loosely organized group meets for an afternoon of games, coffee and conversation. Activities go from Mexican Train Dominos, Wizard, Scrabble or Yahtzee to ping pong or badminton. A good reason to and meet with fellow Kingfisherites!

Mother’s Day Breakfast. Past organizer Harry Flath and his Volunteer Crew, 2015

Mother’s Day Breakfast


Friends and neighbours from Kingfisher and surrounding communities come and celebrate our wonderful moms with a delicious breakfast.  8:00 – 10:30 a.m. on Mother’s Day! Pancakes, sausages, eggs, whipped cream, strawberries, orange juice, coffee and a free flower for mom all at an amazingly low cost. Children 6 years and under, free. Check the Kingfisher Newsletter!

Helpers of all ages– your volunteer time would certainly be appreciated.  Check the April KCS Newsletter for the organizer’s name and contact information.

Porch Party & Potluck Dinner

Valley residents and friends shake off the winter blues early every summer at our annual Porch Party & Potluck Dinner. We haul the grill out to the big back porch and the first warm weather potluck of the year unfolds. Burgers and hotdogs sizzle as the potluck table loads up with side dishes and desserts that tend toward the sumptuous, reflecting the overpowering urge to bust of hibernation. Check the Kingfisher Newsletter for details.

Kingfisher Farmer’s Market

The Kingfisher Farmer’s Market starts the last Wednesday of June and runs to the first Wednesday of September. Come join us at our unique market for lunch, baking, local vegetables, fruits, crafts, jams and more. For more information, contact Marnini at 250-546-2164 or Marniniles@telus.net

The Kingfisher Farmer’s Market has been running since the 1970s and is one of oldest Farmer’s Markets in British Columbia.

Strawberry Tea & Famous Cake Walk


Folks flock to Kingfisher Hall on a Saturday afternoon in July for a beautiful fundraising event – the Strawberry Tea. This long-running event features strawberry or raspberry shortcake served with your choice of tea or coffee. The Hall is adorned with beautiful quilts and live music fills the air. It’s a great place for an early summer visit with friends. There’s also a chance to win a fancy cake at the Cake Walk! Reasonably priced admission (see KCS Newsletter for details). Children under 8 free. Fun for all ages.

Jumble Dance


You may have heard about this strange thing called the Jumble Dance. Men dress as women and women dress as men. “That’s a very new age concept,” you might be thinking. You’ll be surprised to learn that it was the loggers and their wives who started it up in 1955!

The Jumble Dance is over sixty years old. A new generation has picked up torch and made it their own. Costumes and music rock from 9-1:30. This fundraising event happens in July or August, depending on availability of bands/DJs and volunteers. Lots of advance notice of the date is given- check the KCS Facebook page or our KCS Newsletters.

Corn Roast & Potluck Dinner

Community members flock to the Hall to celebrate the bounty of the season at the KCS Corn Roast and Potluck in late August. The table groans when big pots of streaming, local corn land before the waiting crowd. Corn provided by donation; bring your favorite side dish/dessert.

Road Bowling & Potluck Dinner

Fall arrives with salmon making their way upstream. That’s when you’ll find folks moving up along Mabel Lake Road for Road Bowling. Many people say sports seasons have become stretched out and commercialized. Not so with Road Bowling. The season is exactly one day long! On a Sunday afternoon in early October teams are formed at the Hall. The opening ball is thrown shortly after 2pm five km. downstream from the Hall. There’s no feeling like watching the ball you’ve thrown roll down Mabel Lake Road past the farthest defender, as though it had eyes of its own seeking the quickest path to the Kingfisher Hall.

Road bowlers carry unusual equipment: hockey sticks, baseball gloves and snow shovels which stop the speeding steel balls from rolling off into the ditch or, heaven forbid, the river. Everyone welcome for the potluck that begins at 5pm at the Hall.

Decorating for the Harvest Dinner, 2016

Harvest Dinner & Potluck

Fall is not complete until the KCS hosts the Harvest Dinner. It’s a chance for Kingfisherites and friends to show off the amazing stuff they’ve raised over the summer and set them down at this typically spectacular Potluck. Roast Beef is provided by donation. There even may be tap dancers, a skit, or a song or two. Harvest Dinner normally happens on the third Saturday in October. Check the KCS Newsletter for details.

Christmas Decorating Party

Held on a Friday, two weeks before Christmas. This is a chance to help turn the Hall into a Christmas wonderland in preparation for the Christmas Concert and Potluck. A beautiful tree waits to be decorated along with the entire hall. Other surprises are also made ready. After the work, a delicious chilli dinner is served along with fabulous desserts. Next, there’s a lively progressive gift exchange. You bring a $15 and under wrapped gift. This is fun even if you don’t get what you hoped for! The Hall Decorating Party – a seasonal favourite!

Christmas Concert & Potluck Dinner

Kingfisher Hall welcomes the community to the annual Christmas party and Potluck held according to tradition on the last Friday before school Christmas holidays. This event started many years ago as a partnership with Kingfisher School. A concert by the children would be prepared and a play performed for the community in the Hall, and Food Bank donations would be accepted. The Community Hall continues these traditions, packing the Hall as family, friends, and community come together to celebrate the season and support the children. A multi-age Concert follows a lavish Potluck Dinner. The evening’s highlight comes when all the little children are invited on stage to sing the show-stopping “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” The lights come up and everyone joins in singing ‘Kingfisher Christmas’. Suddenly Santa emerges from an unknown location, takes the stage and offers a small gift to each young child present as potluck desserts are enjoyed. Clean up is part of the fun and visiting continues far into the winter evening, rounding out the year at Kingfisher Hall. It’s a simple night filled with delight in an old fashioned, rural community way.


Drop-in Badminton has been happening at the Hall for decades one evening a week during the off seasons. Games range from friendly to fierce. Equipment provided. All ages welcome. Check the KCS newsletter for details.

Road Hockey, Tennis/Pickleball

A partially fenced play surface adjacent to Kingfisher Hall is part of the Kingfisher grounds. You’ll find basketball hoops, a net and lines for Tennis and Pickle Ball, and a picnic table. Road hockey games are drop-in on Sunday afternoons, weather permitting.

Volunteers are fundraising now to improve the Court area by completing the fencing and installing lighting. Watch for fundraising efforts on FB and in the KCS Newsletter.